Jerusalem’s Old City

Sensational sites of Ancient Times

No other place offers as many attractions and emotionally inspiring sites in a single square kilometer. A tour of the Old City of Jerusalem is an opportunity to get lost among the magical walkways and connect with the city’s resplendent past, history, culture and spirituality.

The Western Wall
Thousands of years old, the Western Wall is the last remaining relic of the Second Jewish Temple and the most important Jewish prayer site in the world, where millions of visitors from around the world place notes with requests and prayers into its cracks.

Western Wall Tunnels
Located beneath the Western Wall, the tunnels provide a glimpse of the various periods in the history of Jerusalem and are as close as you'll probably get to travelling back in time.

City of David
Discover the story of Jerusalem during the reigns of Kings David, Solomon and Hezekiah in this captivating archeological site, where many treasures have been unearthed. A visit to the site will enable you to take a flashlight and wade through the flowing water of the Siloam Tunnel, which was carved during the reign of King Hezekiah.

The Old City Market
A must-see attraction made up of a series of alleyways, with numerous stalls offering a staggering variety of products of every imaginable kind. This lively bustling market (or shuk) is a perfect place to pick up a unique souvenir (haggling is a must) or try one of the many local delicacies.