Tel Aviv
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During his last visits in Israel, Boy George got a lot of love and affection from the Israeli crowd and now he's coming back to give a one of a kind performance that everyone will talk about for years!

Boy George was born in London and formed the Culture Club in 1981. In the following year the band released their debut album that sold over 5 million copied worldwide. Their first hit was "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me" and it quickly took over the charts and became number one in 12 countries. Their second album which was released in 1983 is considered the most successful album they released to date, with over 9 million copies worldwide and it included the single "Karma Chameleon" which is their biggest hit with number one ranking in 16 different countries.

George is known for his provocative appearance which includes heavy makeup and unusual outfits, that when combined with his high voice, gave him an androgynous vibe. At the age of 21 he was already considered an international star a culture icon. Despite the great success of the Culture Club, they fell apart, but they reunited in 2014 and announced a new tour. George's solo career reached a peak in 1984. His first solo album came out 30 years ago and included the hit "Everything I Own". In 1989 he founded his own record label.

Since the band was reunited they performed over 90 times all around the world. The Culture Club performed in Israel in 1985, and George performed in the holy land alone in 2011 as a guest in Mark Ronson's show that followed their mutual hit "Somebody to Love Me".