Tel Aviv
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The British extreme metal band was formed in 1985. They started as a school band by Bill Steer and Ken Owen, and the latter left the band soon after. Steer then joined the D-beat band Disattack and played with drummer Middie, bassist Paul and the lead singer Andrew Pek. The band later changed its name to Carcass as the members changed their musical direction. The band recorder only one album with Pek, who changed his name to Sanjiv, and shortly after "Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment" was released he left the group.

The vocal duties were shared between Walker, Steer and Owen, and together they recorded a debut album in only four days. The band wasn't pleased with the poor production of their album "Reek of Putrefaction" but it became a favorite of Radio 1 DJ John Peel. His interest in them made them participate in his first "Peel Session", in which they released materials for their second album.

Carcass are considered to be the pioneers of the grindcore genre, although their early work is considered to be more splatter death metal, hardgore and goregrind. The band also became one of the pioneers of melodic death metal with their album "Heartwork" which was released in 1993. Their lyrics usually focus on animal rights issues, as both Jeff Walker and Bill Steer are vegetarians.

In 2013 the band signed with Nuclear Blast, and in Japan they signed with Trooper Entertainment for the release of their new album. They released "Surgical Steel", which received extremely positive reviews and earned Top 50 position on the US Billboard 200 charts. Soon afterward they headlined Damnation Festival in Leeds and then performed at 70000 Tons of Metal in 2014 and headlined the Agglutination Festival the same year.

The band is coming to give only one show in the nonstop city of Tel Aviv, which is guaranteed to be an extraordinary experience for all the metal fans out there, make sure to get your ticket now!