Tel Aviv
The 36 year old world famous violinist Garrett is known for his unique musical creations that combine conservative classical music and modern pop-rock styles. The violinist, who's known in England as "the David Backham of the classical music", started his musical education at the age of 4, and performed with Hamburg's philharmonic orchestra at the age of 10. During his teen years he released multiple successful records and performed with the world's leading orchestras.

The German musical phenomenon won the Guinness World Record in 2008 for the World's Fastest Violinist. During the same year he was announced by GQ as the man of the year in the music category. In 2010 he won Golden Camera's best Music International award. As a part of his efforts to spread classical music among teens and children, Garret presents covers of well-known artists such as Nirvana, Michael Jackson, U2, Aerosmith and more, while featuring classical tempos.

Garrett already performed in Israel about a decade ago with the Israeli philharmonic orchestra. This time he comes to the Holy Land as a part of his international tour, to promote his last album "Explosive". His last performance was sold out and the reviews kept raving him for years, his upcoming concert is definitely going to be a night to remember!