The Sultan’s Pool, Jerusalem
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Jerusalem is packed with fantastic events throughout the summer, one of the most celebrated events is the colorful “Hutzot Hayotzer International Art and Crafts Festival”. 

This large-scale annual festival takes place in the Hutzot Hayotzer area and the Sultan’s Pool, opposite the Tower of David and at the foot of the walls of the Old City. 

The iconic Hutzot Hayotzer festival has been held for over 35 consecutive years and has become a hugely popular tourist and artistic attraction for visitors from around the world.

The festival includes more than 150 local artists who showcase their art including paintings, prints, ceramics, jewelry and more. The festival also includes an international exhibition, showcasing the work of overseas artist.

Visitors will get to engage in a fascinating dialogue of art and enjoy unique workshops, live performances, an Irish pub, huge sculptures, live Jazz music and all in an authentic European carnival atmosphere. 

The festival is open every evening (except Fridays) between 18:00 and 23:00 and on Saturday night from 21:00 until midnight, at the Hutzot Hayotzer, Mitchell Park and the Merrill Haasenfeld Amphitheater at the Sultan’s Pool.

Last but definitely not lease, don’t miss the “Food around the world” - an Israeli and international food fair which will include food stalls of various tastes from different world kitchens: Thai, Israeli, Chinese, Korean, and more.