The city of Jerusalem is proud to host, for the 16th(!) year in a row – the fabulous and hugely popular ‘Beer Festival’.
The Jerusalem Beer Festival is an internationally recognized celebration of good music, good food and of course, you guessed it, great beer. 

Held in the magical 3000-year-old city of Jerusalem, the festival boasts an unparalleled atmosphere, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience. 

The iconic festival has become over the years a symbol of Jerusalem's entertainment culture and creates a unique opportunity for visitors from around the globe to enjoy a delicious variety of excellent cold beers, food and people in open Jerusalem air.


During the festival, you will have the opportunity to taste any (or all) of the over 120 special flavors of beers from around the country and the world, served in pop up bars, build specifically for the festival. 

The Jerusalem Beer Festival is the only festival of its kind in Israel, hosting a huge variety of large and international beer brands every year alongside a distinguished presence of local artisanal breweries. 

So make your way and join more than 15,000 visitors coming to enjoy the unique atmosphere, the fantastic live shows, the great food and the awesome people, and to celebrate the global love of Beer.