With 30,000 participants including hundreds of elite runners from around the world The International Jerusalem, is a fantastic celebration of body and mind in the heart of one of the most enchanted cities in the world.

With a series of cultural happenings planned around the central event, the Jerusalem International Marathon provides international runners with the perfect opportunity to visit the ancient city while participating in a truly modern and excitement-filled competitive sporting event.

The marathon offers a variety of tracks, from professional to family friendly, which pass by fascinating historical sites that illuminate 3,000 years of the history of Jerusalem, guaranteeing a challenging, thrilling and unforgettable experience for all runners.

The Jerusalem marathon allows runners the chance to compete in a setting of unparalleled natural and cultural beauty unlike any other international marathon course. The topography of the city lends itself to a challenging route that will test even the most experienced of runners.

The course takes the runner on a unique path through Jerusalem’s 3,000-year historical narrative, on the cobblestones of the ancient and holy walled city of Jerusalem and through the modern city center of the capital. The course includes the city’s best known sites including, among others, the Knesset, the Old City, Sultan's Pool, Mount Zion, the German Colony, the Jerusalem Promenade and the Mount of Olives.