Tel Aviv outskirts
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The Israeli summer is always hot, but the Pixies are returning to Tel Aviv after 3 years to make it even hotter!

The famous rock band was founded in 1986 in Boston and released its first EP "Come on Pilgrim" in 1987. A year later, when their first album "Surfer Rose" came out, they became a unique voice in the American Rock. 2 years later, they released their second album "Doolittle" that is considered one of the best rock albums of all times. Their third album "Bossanova" came out in 1990 and included unforgettable songs such as "Hang Wire", "Stormy Weather", and "All Over the World".

A year later they released their fourth album "Trompe le Monde" that featured songs such as "Planet of Sound", "Distance Equals Rate Times Time" and many more. They fell apart in 1993 but went back to performing together in 2004. After a decade of touring the world, they released their fifth album "Indie Cindy" which included songs like "Another Toe in The Ocean", "Blue Eyed Hexe", and "Jaime Bravo". To this date they released six albums, the last one, "Head Carrier" came out last year. Their biggest hits include "Hey", "Where Is My Mind", "Monkey Gone to Heaven" and "Here Comes Your Man".

The band that is known to influence artists such as PJ Harvey and Kurt Kobain will perform this summer in Tel Aviv, giving only 7000 lucky fans the opportunity to see them live and after the rave reviews of their 2014 performance, it’s shaping up to be an unmissable night!