A desert holiday is unlike any other - the tranquility, the awe inspiring grand vistas, the clear star-studded night skies, all come together to create a truly mesmerizing and exotic experience most of us do not to partake in during our day to day lives.

The Negev is so much more than just a Desert. While it still offers all the natural beauty, calmness and wonderous sites which the desert tourist is looking for, it is also extremely westernized and packed with activities and adventures while offering all the comforts of a holiday. This is exactly what makes a trip to the Negev the perfect destination for travelers from all over the world. Another gem of the Negev is undoubtedly its local community, from the Kibbutz residents to the lone farm dwellers and the local Bedouin folk, the people of the Negev are warm, hospitable and always ready to lend a hand. The Negev is rich in geological and archeological treasures and offers loads of exciting activities for the more adventurous travelers.

At the same time, visitors looking for relaxation are sure to find it in the tranquil surroundings, and for some urban excitement, the nearby cities provide a wide range of city fun from culinary treats to exciting nightlife.