Tel Aviv, Haifa
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The tribute band from Chicago Led Zeppelin 2, which was named after the mythological band's second album, is coming to Israel for 4 shows only. Come feel the old Led Zeppelin vibes and kick it with the ultimate Led Zeppelin experience here in rocking Tel Aviv.

Led Zeppelin 2 have been performing for over a decade and are considered to be the ultimate Led Zeppelin experience. The band consists of 4 musicians from the indie-rock, jazz and metal scene in Chicago. The lead singer, Bruce Lamont, who took the place of the legendary Robert Plant, is also a part of the avant-garde metal group "Yakuza", and he has collaborated with bands like "Dyslexic Apaches", and "Circle of Animals". His solo album "Feral Songs for The Epic Decline" was recently rated among SPIN magazine's top 20 metal albums.

Greg Fundis, the group's drummer, is playing with leading musicians among which one can find the singer and jazz guitarist George Benson, the musician Joey De Francesco, the saxophonist Joe Lovano and more. The bassist Matthew Longbons participates in more than 200 shows a year next to leading international artists such as Alice Cooper and Matt Walker from the "Smashing Pumpkins". Paul Kamp, the group's guitarist, is known mostly from his collaboration with "Busker Soundcheck", a well-known alternative rock band.

Led Zeppelin is considered until today to be one of the most revolutionary, influencing and successful bands in the history. They sold more than 300 million albums worldwide, with 'Led Zeppelin IV' alone selling over 37 million copies and being ranked as the third all-time best-selling album in the U.S. All 9 of the band's albums were rated in the top 10 in the U.S. chart, and 6 of them even top over the top 5. Their second album that was recorded during their first tour was a huge success both in the U.S. and in the UK, and it featured the hit 'Whole Lotta Love' that sold over a million copies.